General terms and conditions of cooperation

1. Orders and deliveries

a) Depending on the location of the retail outlet, the newspapers and magazines are delivered by the own transport and/or by the courier service, up to twice a week. If the newspapers and magazines are delivered at night or if the recipient is absent, the recipient is obliged to provide a safe place for the parcel as well as leave the return copies in a safe place until our driver arrives. We do not bear liability for lost parcels. We offer various types of metal boxes and special safe bags against payment.
b) The first order can be placed by the customer himself or herself. The automatic allocation of magazines and newspapers is also possible.
c) New orders or changes to an order may be communicated by phone, e-mail or on a return document. All orders placed by Monday by 6:00 a.m. via e-mail to adalmar@prasa-polska.com or by phone to +49-30-77391864 or +48-68-3213054 will be processed in the subsequent delivery. You can make changes to your order on your own or use the automatic order adjustment system (recommended), as well as take advantage of the automatic offer extension.
d) If the customer does not make any changes by Monday morning, he or she will receive the same number of newspapers and magazines for the following week (you can provide us with information on how often we have to print/send an e-mail with a standing order). This does not apply to customers that have selected the automatic order adjustment.
e) It is possible to place an additional order for newspapers and magazines that were published earlier and are out of stock at the retail outlet, but delivery will be subject to their availability. To order them, please notify us by e-mail, phone or on the return document – each time you must specify the title of the copy, number and quantity of the magazine or the newspaper.
f) We supply almost all magazines and newspapers published in Poland.
g) We offer price sticking against payment (according to the mark-up or individual price list) or the plastic wrapping of individual copies of magazines or newspapers.
h) It is possible to buy newspaper and magazine racks and other products (greeting cards display stands, bags, napkins).
i) On request, we divide the magazines and newspapers into individual office branches, retail outlets, cars, etc. (free of charge).

2. Returns
The following rules must be observed for return copies to be fully considered:
a) The magazine or the newspaper must be returned if it is indicated on the return document.
b) If any marketing products (for instance, shampoo sample, cap, bag, CD, etc.) were included in the magazine, they must be returned.
(c) Returns from distributors are picked up the following week together with the delivery of the latest press. Returns must be listed on the enclosed return document and packed in the return bag. If returns are to be picked up by a courier, they should always be ready for collection on Thursday (if this falls on a public holiday, the day before). A charge of EUR 5.90 will be added for collection of returns by the courier.
d) We provide full right of return for unsold copies and we credit all return copies returned by the due date except for non-returnable items (marked with an asterisk*).
e) If the recipient closes the store for some time (e.g. due to holidays, illness), he or she should, as always, prepare and place the returns to be collected by couriers at the same place. In a week’s time, they will be picked up, considered and charged to the invoice (Rechnungskorrektur/Gutschrift). This amount may be deducted from the subsequent invoice or bill. The returns that are delayed without fault on our part will not be accepted.

3. Settlements
a) The customer may become familiar with the prices of the magazines or newspapers included in the offer before the cooperation starts. We reserve the right to change the price in the event that the publisher changes his price. For this purpose, we include the “PLN/EUR” price converter.
b) Settlements are made on a weekly basis for press delivered in a given week and are reduced by the returned copies in that week. They are delivered the following week after delivery and must be paid within 7 days (this is 14 days after delivery) as we reserve the right to withhold deliveries, if invoices are not paid in due time.
c) Payment is made by bank transfer in accordance with the previous agreements, or by direct debit (Einzugsermächtigung), or by our driver in cash (payment confirmation – Quittung – is provided one week later).
d) The customers that have a weekly turnover of less than EUR 100.00 (average for the entire quarter) may not obtain a discount, while customers that make purchase for the amount less than EUR 50 per week have the cost of press delivery added at a flat rate in the amount of € 5.90 per week (this rule does not apply to new retail outlets during the first 3-6 months). The distributors who, after 6 months of cooperation, sell less than 40 copies per week can only be provided with newspapers or magazines that may not be returned. The only exceptions to this rule are retail outlets that are located exactly on the route of our drivers.

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